NPP "Gran" conducts various types of work on electrical erosion in Smolensk. We use the latest equipment in our work, which allows us to guarantee our partners the highest level of final work.

Benefits of EDM

Electrical discharge works are carried out on modern high-precision equipment, which makes it possible to obtain parts of a wide variety of configurations, including the most complex products from hard alloys, high-strength and heat-strengthened steels. The area of ​​electrical discharge machining at our enterprise is represented by Mitsubishi wire-cut machines, Mitsubishi, Roboform copy-piercing machines, as well as the Advanced Machinery superdrill electro-erosion machine.

Electrical erosion is a service that is available to our clients. Our team deals with various types of EDM works with all metals. EDM has a number of advantages that distinguish it from other types of machining.

The main feature is the ability to process closed channels. This is not possible with mechanical work. As a result, it becomes possible to create parts of absolutely arbitrary shape. At the same time, it is possible to work with all conductive materials. The duration of the work is compensated by the high processing precision

We use Japanese machines in our work, which allow us to achieve the highest quality parts. Clients receive quality products in a short time – this is possible due to the high level of professionalism among our employees.