Heat treatment

NPP "Gran" provides services for heat treatment of metal. Our specialists are highly qualified. The work uses the latest equipment, which allows us to provide partners with quality products.

Heat treatment of metals

Our company provides heat treatment services for metals. We are ready to perform work of any complexity using available equipment. At your service is the widest park of machine tools, chamber and vacuum electric furnaces, baths.

We also offer cold metal processing – for this we have a special chamber-type installation in which you can maintain a minimum temperature of 75 degrees. Cold treatment of metal also helps to test the material for strength and resistance in variable conditions. For example, most parts for aircraft and spacecraft go through similar processing.

In our work we use not only ready-made, but also our own technological solutions. This allows us to achieve maximum efficiency in our work and provide the client with the highest quality product.

More detailed information about heat treatment in Smolensk can be found by calling our phone number, or using the feedback form. We will provide all the necessary information to our potential clients.

Complete site for many types of heat treatment: hardening, tempering, normalization, annealing, carburizing, cold treatment, heat treatment in a protective environment to prevent decarburization and oxidation of parts.

Our capabilities:

Volume quenching in chamber and vacuum electric furnaces equipped with electronic recorders:

  • quenching media: air, oil, water, alkali;
  • the possibility of using a protective environment – nitrogen;
  • maximum temperature – 1150 ℃;
  • maximum part dimensions: 350x350x1000.

Hardening on HDTV installations:

  • maximum temperature – 1150 ℃;
  • quenching media: air, oil, water, alkali;
  • the maximum dimensions of the part: 50x50x200.

Vacation in chamber electric furnaces:

  • the possibility of using a protective environment – nitrogen;
  • maximum dimensions of a part: 350x350x1100.


  • maximum dimensions of a part: 250x250x600.

Cold treatment:

  • minimum temperature – minus 75 ℃;
  • maximum dimensions of a part: 600x350x750.
  • Volumetric hardening in salt baths:
  • maximum dimensions of a part: 200x200x200.

Rich experience and our own technological solutions for heat treatment of various steels and alloys, as well as control of technological discipline, ensure high quality of heat treatment operations.