Painting products

High-quality powder coating from NPP "Gran" in Smolensk at a bargain price. We use modern techniques to achieve high results.

Powder coating of metal

NPP “Gran” carries out powder painting of metal in special chambers using the latest equipment. The process is carried out by professionals who know all the subtleties of painting metal with powder paint.

At the request of the customer, it is possible to paint parts with special enamel. Painting of products protects against corrosion, prolongs service life, and improves appearance.

The process of powder painting of metal is carried out in several stages:

  • Preparation of the surface of the part provides for cleaning from all types of contamination, degreasing, rinsing with water and drying.
  • Application of colorants in the chamber using special equipment.
  • Fixing the paint layer by reflow and polymerization. It is carried out in a thermal oven at a certain temperature.
  • Products that have gone through powder painting have additional protective properties. The paint is maximally resistant to adverse factors and allows you to increase the operation of the product for a long time.

NPP “Gran” carries out painting of metal products in the shortest possible time. For ordering and payment, you can consult by phone or write an e-mail.