Sandblasting metal

High-quality sandblasting of metal in Smolensk from NPP "Gran". We work on modern equipment, which significantly speeds up the process and ensures high quality processing.

Sandblasting metal in Smolensk

Sandblasting metal is an effective method of cleaning a metal surface from various contaminants using an abrasive.

A special abrasive blasting unit is used, which, using a jet of compressed air, delivers solid particles to the surface to be treated. Fast and high-quality cleaning of the product surface from all types of contamination is carried out. Corundum powder, balls of shot or glass and other materials can be used as an abrasive.

Sandblasting metal requires specialized equipment and trained operators who wear special protective suits with a helmet to supply air while operating the machine.

In addition to good and quick cleaning, sandblasting of parts seals the surface of the metal, a slight roughness (profile) is also formed, which increases the adhesion of the paint to the metal surface. It is an environmentally friendly method that eliminates the use of toxic solvents used in the cleaning process.

NPP “Gran” offers services of sandblasting metal on favorable terms. Experienced operators will clean any surface in the shortest possible time at a low cost. Equipped with modern equipment, they can go to the site and carry out sandblasting of various metal structures.

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