Sheet metal laser cutting

Modern laser cutting of sheet metal in NPP "Gran" in Smolensk at a bargain price. We guarantee timely execution of the order.

Laser cutting of sheet metal is one of the services provided by NPP Gran ‘in Smolensk. This is the latest technology for cutting metal, which is used in various industries and the national economy.

A concentrated laser beam with a given power is used as the main tool. The features of sheet metal laser cutting are:

  • Speed ​​and safety.
  • Complex structures and shapes can be made.
  • Laser cutting does not melt the edges of the product.
  • Beam power can be adjusted for more accurate cutting based on metal composition.
  • The workpieces are not deformed, there is no need to additionally machine the edges.
  • Accurate and safe laser cutting can significantly save material and time.

Our company uses the latest equipment, which allows us to fulfill orders with jewelry precision and at a low price. The application can be submitted by e-mail or by calling the phone number indicated on the website. If you have any questions, consult the manager.