Tumbling of metal parts

LLC NPP "Gran" in Smolensk offers to perform a tumbling of metal parts. We have modern technical equipment, which allows us to perform the procedure quickly and efficiently.

Metal tumbling – processing of parts, which provides for cleaning from dirt, corrosion, scratches and other imperfections on the surface. In general, the effect resembles a high-quality polish. The result is far superior to standard manual cleansing.

The essence of the procedure lies in the processing of parts using an abrasive, which consists of loose substances. Special equipment is used, which provides a number of advantages of the technique:

  • versatility – products of various sizes and shapes can be processed;
  • high productivity – a large number of parts can be cleaned in a short time;
  • quality – thanks to the technology, the processing is carried out efficiently, the surface of the product becomes cleared of various moments.
  • Considering these aspects, the procedure is the best option for processing a variety of parts made of metal.

Tumbling of metal products is a complex procedure that can be performed in our company. You can place an application on our website using the feedback form. Additional information is available by phone number.