Waterjet cutting of metal

LLC NPP Gran 'in Smolensk provides services for water-jet cutting of metal. We guarantee high quality and timely execution of your order. Our company uses modern technologies and equipment.

Features of waterjet cutting

Modern waterjet cutting of metal is the processing of a product using a jet of water that is supplied under high pressure. This technique has gained great popularity, as it is fast and high quality. There is also no thermal effect on the product, which prevents damage. In addition, it can significantly save on consumables, which makes it profitable to use.

Waterjet cutting of metal involves the use of special equipment, which ensures efficiency, accuracy and fast timing of the procedure. With the help of technical equipment, you can process the following types of metal:

  • stainless steel;
  • tool alloys;
  • aluminum;
  • titanium;
  • brass.

Depending on the characteristics and properties of the metal, specialists select certain parameters that provide a high-quality result.

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