Confirmation of the quality of manufactured parts by methods of destructive and non-destructive testing

OOO NPP Gran 'in Smolensk offers to confirm the condition of the parts. We guarantee timely execution of the order and favorable terms of cooperation.

Destructive and non-destructive quality control methods allow you to assess the characteristics of products as accurately as possible. The main purpose of the measures is to identify defects and determine the ultimate values ​​of strength and reliability. If the indicators do not meet the standards, then the elements cannot be approved for use.

This test allows you to determine the maximum load that will contribute to failure. Non-destructive testing involves testing to determine general mechanical properties. Each of the above methods involves the use of specialized technical equipment, which not every company possesses. The choice of technique is determined by the properties of the structure. The effectiveness of measures depends on a whole range of parameters and factors that can be taken into account only by highly qualified specialists.

Destructive and non-destructive quality control methods are an effective method of analysis. In our company you can use this service at an affordable price. You can place an application on the website or by calling the phone number indicated on the website.